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ESA Recall Notices
Lithonia Lighting recalls LV3R due to safety hazard. RCL08-41 -
August 14, 2008.
Lithonia Lighting Recall Notice
Kyvas International Ltd. (Steamer Deck and Patio) recalls retractable
awning with motor due to potential power cord safety hazard.
RCL08-37 - August 1, 2008.
Kyvas International Ltd. Recall Notice
Greenway Home Products recalls countertop water dispensers
inclusive of their hot water feature due to potential fire and shock
hazard. RCL08-39 - August 15, 2008.
Greenway Home Products Recall Notice
Progress Lighting recalls pendent-style ceiling mounted indoor light
fixtures due to risk of falling. RCL08-40 - August 11, 2008.
Progress Lighting Recall Notice
Schneider Electrical recalls type 1 NEMA size 2 enclosures due to
cover latching hazard. RCL08-38 - August 8, 2008.
Schneider Electric Recall Notice
Euro-Pro Operating recalls deep fryers due to risk of fire and shock.
RCL08-42 - August 18, 2008.
Euro-Pro Recall Notice